“On Solid Land” is our latest photographic project, aiming at the past and present of Epirus, trying to capture a culture that is more relevant than ever. Working as a team we have been active in photography for the last 9 years, and the last 5 years we have been collaborating as a duo in common and individual projects.


According to the dictionary of the Modern Greek Language, the noun “Epirus” means Solid earth, i.e. solid / dry earth. Geographically, Epirus, officially the Region of Epirus, is the modern administrative region in Northwestern Greece and is divided into 4 regional units: Arta, Thesprotia, Ioannina and Preveza. “On Solid Land” is a multi-year project. Traveling from region to region, we try to record the current image of Epirus, through the daily, in every sector, changes in Greece.

We are looking for fragments and elements that structure an ever-changing landscape, but multidimensional and interesting at the same time, beyond the “graphic-beautiful” boundaries.
In recent decades, Epirus has been a field of reorganization not only in the economic and cultural sector but also at the geopolitical level. There is a constant conflict of concepts, values and rules. The old is fighting the new, change wants to be imposed on the established and all this in a country in crisis.
Greece, at a critical crossroads, is a political battlefield, in which Epirus functions as a scapegoat, seeking a single identity.

In this context, we seek the photographic documentation of a fluid culture, the construction of the identity of the 4 geographical regions, each of which has its own history and content. This work is a visual story of a unique place and is shaped as it progresses. On the other hand, it is partially a document in nature: one of its aims is more artistic than the word document implies. Our real intention is to highlight what is the real truth about Epirus and its people, as we experience it, living in it, and to record a neglected part of Greece.